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Monday, January 4, 2010

What's Cookin' in the Parsonage?

I am a bargain shopper! I learned this from my mom who loves a good sale! Not only do I buy all my clothes, shoes and gift items only when they're on sale, I also look for sales at the grocery store. I buy my meat when it's marked down, freeze it, then plan my meals based on what's in the freezer. Last week I found a fresh turkey breast on sale at Ingles for $5! I popped it into the freezer and saved it for Sunday dinner.

To roast a turkey breast for Sunday dinner I simply covered it with melted butter, salt and pepper and placed it in a shallow pan. I set the oven on 280 degrees before Sunday school, so it roasted for about four hours. It was nice and golden brown when I got home. It's really one of my favorite Sunday meats.

I added red skin mashed potatoes & gravy, green beans and a cranberry salad to the meal. I also was looking for a recipe to help me use up the leftover from Christmas candy canes. I found this suggestion - make your favorite brownie recipe and crush the candy canes up finely and crumble them over top of the batter. It adds a nice minty flavor. So that was our simple and yummy dessert!

What did you have for dinner?
With love,


Whitney said...

I made chicken parmesan (with chicken breasts I bought for .98/lb at Ingles). I dipped the chicken in an egg/milk mixture, then dredged it in a bread crumb/italian seasoning/parm cheese mixture...then cooked it in my electric skillet w/olive oil until it was toasty brown.

I served it with angel hair pasta, Parmesan Romano Ragu...and on the side, steamed broccoli I got FREE at ingles last week. =)

Dianne said...

We had my favorite--rump roast cooked with baby carrots, green beans and onions. I also served mashed potatoes and gravy, cottage cheese with pears and crescent rolls. Dessert was a leftover from Christmas baking--brownie with peppermint ice cream. So our desserts had the same chocolate/peppermint!

Anonymous said...

I add crushed peppermint candis to sugar cookie dough then roll balls of the dough in a mix of peppermint sprinkles and granulated sugar, then bake!

I made Minenstrone for lunch Sunday.