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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Heart for your Husband

Icing on the cake. This is how Elizabeth George describes her DVD presentation to those doing the Bible study, A Woman After God's Own Heart. We have spent a month digging into God's Word learning what He wants to teach us in our quiet time with Him. Then when we come together we listen to her pull all the pieces together and wrap it up in her 30-minute group time.

I love icing, and I love this time because she knows how to spur us on and encourage us to apply what we have learned. This month we studied A Heart for Your Husband. Aside from our own study time, let me share with you some of the practical things she shared in her DVD.

There are four specific ways in which we are to have a heart for our husband. They are:
  1. Help him. Genesis 2:18 - A help meet is a counterpart and companion. The husband and wife are a team running towards the same goal with the wife running solidly behind her husband. "If he wins, I win." This requires a commitment to respond to God's Word. We must focus on our husband - on his goals, his responsibilities. Think, "Him first." That's what a helper does. Elizabeth asks her husband two questions every morning: 1. What can I do to help you today? 2. How can I help you make better use of your time? Ask if your decisions, actions and attitudes will help or hinder him.
  2. Submit to him. Ephesians 5:21-23 Submit means, "to bend in his direction. Fit into his life, his way of doing things. No resistance." God Word says it, so we must make the commitment and trust God to enable us. It also helps to give a positive response. Find a word to use. Elizabeth uses the word, "sure!" She says it's also important to say it with music in your voice and an exclamation point afterwards. Start on the small things. Elizabeth used her word on the trial of their marriage - getting donuts on the way to church every Sunday. It had caused much conflict between them - too much sugar for their little girls, chocolate on their Sunday dresses, no money or time for it! But once the Lord worked in her heart about this, her husband suggested they stop for donuts on the way to church and she said, "Sure!" What a difference it made in their attitudes and family life! They sang in the car, "When we all get to heaven..." The difference wasn't the sugar in the donuts, it was the positive response from a wife to her husband.

Do you have a positive word you use with your husband? If not, ask the Lord to give you one.

continued tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

Better late than never. .........................................

Debby said...

I 'try' to say, "Yes! Let's!" as much as possible~