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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Depenence on God

This week I was in a place where I heard a little child crying for its mother - not just once, but many times over in the span of an hour. Bump on its head. Cry for Momma! Wanted to do something but was told "no". Cry for Momma! Hungry tummy. Cry for Momma! This little one showed his dependence on his mommy every time he cried out for her...that's what children do!

How dependent are you on the Lord? "Oh, very!" we might all say. But how often do we cry out to him? Does a "little bump" make us cry out? Does an unfulfilled need cause our voice to be heard at the Throne of God? When we feel opposition do we run to our prayer closet?

Our dependence on God is shown by how much we pray! We can't say we need God and only pray in the morning or at meal times. If we really, really depend on Him then we will pray about everything. Dependence is "the state of relying on someone." If we run things our way instead of praying about it then we are saying we don't need God.

Today let's practice being God's child and cry out to Him all day long because we realize we are dependent on Him for every thing that touches our lives!

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Whitney said...


Anonymous said...

This is the subject in my household right now. I prayed just this morning that my husband and I take EVERYTHING to God. We were asked to make a big decision last night concerning a purchase and I didn't want to make that decision until I prayed about it. My husband was willing and ready to decide last night. This caused some conflict in my household because I wanted to pray about it and he wanted to make the purchase. How do I handle this in my home? I pray everyday that my husband would see how important it is to take everything to the Lord.

Denise said...

It's hard when there is a difference in the way a husband and wife want to handle things, but the key word is - brace yourself - submit. =) Your husband is ultimately responsible for your household. You have every right to lovingly share your heart and opinions, then let go.

This is the very thing our ladies are studying right now in our Bible study. It's not easy, but it's biblical. Submit means, "no resistance." Elizabeth George calls it "bending." ...Let the wife see that she reverence (respect) her husband. - Eph. 5:33 One way we can do that is by letting go and letting him lead. I will be praying for you.

Anonymous said...

I am confused with your response. I do understand that a wife should submit to her husband, but at the same time I feel as though I am disobeying God. I am not putting him first. So, it is okay to NOT take things to God in prayer and to just make decisions on my own, without God.

Denise said...

Let me try to explain -
As a wife, of course we put God first and pray about decisions. But God has given us a leader in our home in the form of our husband. If we have prayed about something (the purchase you mentioned, or whatever), and our husband makes a decision that is opposite from what we believe God is saying, we can share our hearts, but then in obedience to the Word of God, we must leave the ultimate decision to our husband. Right or wrong, he will be ultimately responsible. See Eph. 5:22-23. We submit to him in the same way we submit to Christ.

We continue to pray that God will lead our husband and we sweetly submit. We cannot be the Holy Spirit in their lives, but as we pray for him we leave the changing of his mind to the Lord.

There is no contradiction in God's Word. We pray then submit. Anything with two heads is a monster. If a home has two heads it will be the same. Pray for your husband. Pray about the decisions you'll be making, then allow your husband to lead your family.

I pray this clarifies the matter. I'll be happy to answer any question - it's my desire to share the Truth of the Word - not merely my opinion. Thanks for sharing your heart!