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Monday, December 28, 2009

What's Cookin' in the Parsonage?

Perhaps, like you, we had Christmas dinner leftovers for Sunday dinner yesterday. We chose other foods for Saturday's meals, moving around the leftovers in the fridge like mice over well-aged cheese. Occasionally I saw someone slipping a little piece of the strawberry pretzel salad, or a bite of chicken, but we saved the rest for our Sunday dinner. You know what? It was as yummy as it was on Christmas Day! I did add some fresh baked biscuits to the meal, but everything else was warmed over from Friday.

We used the good Christmas dishes, linen napkins and lit the candles. No reason not to embellish leftovers! It's not the food, it's the company that makes it worth your while to make each meal special! We may not have had "company," but I'm referring to those you're serving. Family is the most dear to us, and therefore deserve the best we can do. If that means Corelle and pretty paper napkins, then great! It's special to share the meal together at the table - not spread all over the living room like so many ants at a picnic. Coming together as a family provides time to talk, laugh, and create memories.

One night during the Christmas weekend we got to talking about some of the funny memories that have been created around our table. At one point one of the girls had to excuse themselves because she took a drink at the wrong moment...right when something funny was shared. She left lest she "share" her sip of water clear across the table!

We've had a great Christmas together. We celebrated our Lord's birth and rejoiced in the Gift of God's Son. We shared His love with others when we passed out goodie bags at the fire department and the ICU waiting areas at our local hospital. Then, as the picture above states, we shared some really sweet family times - memories to tuck away in our hearts.

What special memories did your family create this Christmas?

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Mildred Ray said...

I loved the new layout, and the contents of the blog. The picture of family around the table is precious!