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Monday, December 21, 2009

What's Cookin' In The Parsonage?

East Tennessee experienced a snowfall this weekend - deeper than any we've seen in the nine years we've lived here - about 6-7 inches. The snow came on Friday evening, right around 5:00, when workers were leaving their jobs. The highways were tangled up with traffic like Christmas lights in a box. We prayed for the safety of those trying to make their way home in the winter storm. For those of us that were already home when the snow came, it was beautiful.

We ended up with no power for most of Friday evening. We played games by candlelight at the kitchen table, sang our favorite Christmas carols accompanied by Allison's guitar, and just had a restful evening together. We had the privilege of hosting a stranded traveler - the mom of a friend of our daughter's who couldn't make it to her house. It was a privilege to be a blessing to one who had been out in the cold and snow for four hours.

Because of the snowy roads we were unable to have church services yesterday. The church parking lot was not plowed and difficult to navigate, and many of our church members were still without power. The time here at home was a sweet time. Allison made a delicious breakfast for us consisting of blueberry pancakes and bacon. We seldom ever eat breakfast together on Sunday morning, so this was a special treat, followed by a time together in God's Word.

For lunch I served a comforting Baked Potato Soup. ** It's a Cooking Light recipe, but you'd never know it! It's rich and creamy and tastes quite indulgent. We also enjoyed a cheese ball, given to us as a Christmas gift by a neighbor. It was presented on a darling little Santa plate accompanied by a "gift box" spreader. What a thoughtful (and delicious) gift!

Dessert was an assortment of Christmas goodies...Raspberry shortbreads, Oreo Truffles, Mint Cookies, White Bark, Aurey Nut Balls and Soda Cracker Candy. No shortage of sugar in us!

What was your weekend weather like and what special times did it afford you and your family?
Oh, Happy Winter - it's official today!
**Reduce the amount of flour added to the soup to 1/3 Cup.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all you do to make our home a warm, cozy place to dwell for us and for anyone who comes through our doors. I love you.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a Christmas story by Dickens. Glad that you make the most of any opportunity that comes along, that's what life is all about. You never know what a day will bring, but to enjoy it all is the secret.