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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Walking with Jesus

  1. I have a lovely treadmill in my basement that was a gift to our family. It has the capability to go fast, slow or in-between. You can walk at a steep incline or on a flat surface. I love it, because while I enjoy getting exercise the weather is often a factor. It's really a blessing to have this machine. However, did you know that:
    If you don't have a treadmill, you can't walk on one.

If you don't discipline yourself to walk on it it will only collect dust.

If you're going to walk on the treadmill you'll have to say "no" to sleep, being a couch potato, or going to the kitchen for a snack!

This month in our ladies' Bible study we're studying about the disciplines of the Christian life. Day three talks about walking with Jesus. The question is asked at the beginning of the lesson: "What does the phrase "walking with Jesus suggest to you?" As I thought about that, I made the correlation to walking on my treadmill. Then in the margin of my book I wrote:

  1. Walking with Jesus requires a relationship - if He doesn't own you, you can't walk with Him.

  2. Walking with Jesus requires a discipline or resolve to go with Him.

  3. Walking with Jesus will mean saying "no' to other people and things such as sleep.
Sometimes, though we know the treadmill is what we need to do, it's hard to get up and do it! Walking with the Lord is hard for many because of varied distractions. What things make it difficult for you to maintain a daily walk with the Lord? What do you do to make sure you keep walking with Him each day?

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