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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Shortcut Devotions

I love, love, love all kinds of baking. At Christmastime I enjoy the recipes that take patience, like sugar cookies and jam shortbreads. The sugar cookie dough has to be placed in the fridge for an hour before rolling them out. Then there's the time it takes to cut them out, sprinkle them with the colored sugars, bake them, and then perhaps even finish with confectionery icing. However, after a couple of recipes like that that are long and tedious, I'm tired. The kitchen is hot, and I begin looking for a delicious cookie or candy that's a snap to make.

I'm going to try these this year. I love those thin mint cookies the Girl Scouts sell and these sound like they'd be a close imitation! (Be sure to try the peanut butter version they mention on that page, I have made those in years past and we love them!) These will have me in and out of the kitchen in a snap...sounds like a plan!

I wonder how often we do in our devotional life what we do in the kitchen? We start out with a big, drawn-out "recipe." Perhaps we purchase a workbook for our devotions that's going to take months to complete, like our A Woman After God's Own Heart. Or maybe we decide we'll read through the Bible in a year using a reading schedule, complete with notebook to write down all the things we learn each day. However, before we know it, we're tired. "Flour is everywhere". The "kitchen is hot", and we begin looking for a quick, easy way to accomplish spiritual growth. We may pick up a daily devotional book, read over it and call it a day. Or maybe we opt to listen to Christian radio to replace our quiet time...after all, "faith comes by hearing," right?

These are not options, Friend. There are no shortcuts for spiritual growth. Shortcuts in the kitchen are popular! Sandra Lee has made a fortune with her show, "Semi-homemade" using part purchased ingredients, part homemade to fool the tasters into thinking you've been in the kitchen for hours. When you and I shortcut our time with God we are fooling no one. It's so obvious. Our joy is gone. The Word from the Lord is silent on our lips. There's an emptiness that only the Lord can fill.

While you're in the kitchen either rolling out the cookie dough or slapping those pre-made shapes onto the cookie sheet, consider your quiet time this morning: was it semi-homemade or the real thing?

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