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Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's a Wonderful...Marriage

A couple of nights ago I coerced my husband into watching a Christmas movie he'd never seen - It's a Wonderful Life. As I sat there beside him and watched Mary, one of the main characters in the movie, I was reminded of what every wife should be doing for her husband - showing unconditional love and support. If you've seen the movie, let me remind you of a couple times when she displays that...

After George and Mary get married they are on their way to their honeymoon when there is a run on the bank money. George spends the rest of the day caring for his customers, half forgetting that he has a new bride. Though they have no money for an extravagant honeymoon, he finds that Mary has taken an old run down house that she's dreamed about living in and prepared a beautiful dinner in it for him. She hung up posters of exotic places they'd dreamed of visiting and created the best atmosphere possible for their wedding night using her limited resources and her love.

The last clip of the film shows George returning to his home and family. He quickly learns that Mary that has informed their friends and family that he was in trouble. She organized their support in the form of financial help and their presence. People come pouring into the house with money for them. George is overwhelmed at their kindness. All through this last scene, there is Mary, smiling, supporting her husband, loving him - no matter what. Through good times and bad, she gave herself to be the best wife to him that she could be, both behind the scenes and in his presence. She never belittles him, never criticizes.

No marriage is without hard times. It comes in all different forms over the years, and there must be a resolve to support our husband. We must be willing to sacrifice, lend our help, and continue to love him through the toughest of situations.

What hard thing is your husband going through right now? How can you show your support of him? Proverbs 18:22 "Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD." If a husband has a wife who will stand with him and love him through the hard times I believe he'll know how blessed he is...and it will be a wonderful marriage (life).

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Anonymous said...

And it has been a wonderful marriage and continues to be because of you, "Mary," being my best friend and supporter. I love you dearly. Thanks so much for cheering and be patient. Love, "George Bailey Banks"
P.S. Watching the movie with you was one of those lasting memories moments.