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Friday, December 18, 2009

A Gift for Jesus

I'm sure most of us are consumed right now with Christmas preparations, and that includes buying and giving gifts. We give gifts to those we care about and hope to give something that will display our love. That's why a husband should not give his wife a blender or vacuum cleaner! That doesn't display exactly what she wants to see coming from her husband's heart!

While you're thinking about what to give, have you considered what you'll give the Lord this Christmas? It is, after all, His birthday! What could you and I give that would demonstrate our love for Him? Need a few suggestions?
  • A monetary gift to a missionary

  • The provision for a child to go to Christian camp this summer

  • A Christian book or CD to an unsaved friend or loved one

  • How about sharing a tract with the people standing at the Salvation Army posts?

  • Take Christmas cookies to the waiting rooms at the hospital on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day and share God's love and care for them

  • Deliver goodies to the Fire department on Christmas Day and include Gospel tracts

We give gifts to each other because God gave us the greatest gift - His Son. Let's thank Him by remembering to give Him a gift this Christmas!

Do you have any other good suggestions for a gift to give Him? Tell us about it!

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