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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thanksgiving Ideas for Little Ones

As Thanksgiving approaches, you moms with little ones can begin to prepare them - not just for the holiday - but for having a heart of gratitude. Each day let them tell you one or two things or people they're thankful for. Write it down on a turkey feather made from construction paper and attach it to the body of a turkey. Hang the turkey on the fridge or in their bedroom where it can be seen. Spend time praying with them and letting them thank God for those things or people.

By Thanksgiving Mr. Turkey should be completely covered with thankfulness feathers! When it comes time to tell the family what they're thankful for, they'll have already given it sufficient thought and will be able to share it with them as well.
Be sure you're teaching your children to express their thanks to others. I can't tell you how many times I've reminded my girls about writing a thank you note. They've often heard me say, "Swift gratitude is the sweetest!" Why not have them write or dictate a thank you note to someone that they're thankful for? Learning to express their gratitude for others will cultivate a grateful heart.
The turkey candy holder pictured above would make a cute decoration on your Thanksgiving table. You could even use it as a place card, writing the guests names on the feathers.
If you're looking for some cute foods for Thanksgiving (for big or little kids!) check out this web site!
What do you do to teach your children the meaning of Thanksgiving or being thankful? What fun ideas could you share with us? Tell us here!

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