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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Spiritual Sickness

Have you ever felt a little sick, but waited to do anything about it because you weren't really sure you were truly sick? Waiting too long to take medicine can complicate your symptoms and worsen the condition. I hate what happens to me and around me when I feel sick.

  • I don't feel like doing anything.

  • I don't have much of a concern for anything going on outside of my household

  • I'm focused on my pain or discomfort

  • I lose my appetite

  • I get very little accomplished in a day

  • I can't enjoy being with people

  • I sleep more

  • I need to be revived

When I think about my response to physical sickness I realize that when you and I are spiritually sick we have many of the same symptoms in our spiritual life.

  • We don't feel like doing anything - going to church, witnessing, praying, reading our Bible

  • We don't have a concern for lost souls

  • We are focused on the little hurts we experience by others so much so that they become big hurts

  • We have no appetite for spiritual food - preaching, God's Word, godly music

  • We accomplish nothing that counts for eternity

  • We don't enjoy being with God's people

  • We are spiritually sleepy

  • We need revival!

When even one or two of the physical symptoms show up in my life I begin looking for what it is that's making me sick. Did I pick up a cold germ at the grocery store? Is it the flu? Is a migraine coming on? I call it what it is, then I seek a remedy - medicine, rest, heating pad, anything that will help.

When you and I have one or two of the spiritual sickness symptoms we should wisely seek a cure before it worsens. The cure isn't a pill or heating pad, it's confession; calling our sin what God calls it. Did it begin with me being bitter towards someone? Am I being selfish? I must call it what it is, then ask God's forgiveness. Waiting too long causes more symptoms to appear. It's wise to catch it early and make it right so the healing process is quicker. Revival comes to the heart that wants to be clean.

I trust you're feeling well today, but more than your physical well-being, I pray that you're spiritually healthy. As you look over the list of symptoms how are you doing, really? If any of those point to your current condition, run to the Great Physician and let Him heal you before it worsens.


Anonymous said...

Well put Denise. I struggle with spiritual sickness and I know I need my Lord as well as Christian fellowship. I believe my physical illness (depression, anxiety) interfers with my spiritual happiness. Can you pray for me? I won't disclose who I am, but I am hoping the Lord will bring me to your mind.

Denise said...

Dear Friend,
I stopped just now and prayed for you. It's no coincidence that the Lord would lead me to write this, and you to read it. It's His remedy for your healing. I'm praying you'll take the steps listed in the post - confession and obedience so you can enjoy spiritual health. With that comes true joy.

Anonymous said...

If this person hasn't had her thyroid levels checked, that could be part of her problem with depression. Some people think that a person should be able to overcome depression by the power of the Holy Spirit and should not take medication. I tried and tried because I wanted to please the Lord. When I mentioned to my doctor how I was feeling, he checked my thyroid and found I was having a problem with it. Since starting on medication, I am not having the almost constant defeat depression causes.