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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Make Ahead Butterhorns

As Thanksgiving approaches and you make your plans for your meal, I thought I'd share a favorite yeast roll recipe with you . These are butterhorns that are made ahead of time and then frozen in their doughy state. Then at the time you want to use them, you let them thaw and rise for five hours,then bake.
One year we were traveling to Kentucky to share Thanksgiving with my family. I made the rolls ahead of time and froze them, then on Thanksgiving day I placed them on the baking sheets, put them in the floor of the back seat and they rose while we drove to my mom's house. When we arrived the car smelled the yummy smell of yeast and the rolls were ready to pop into her hot oven! Talk about fresh!
So, whether you're contributing to someone else's meal, or you're doing it all yourself, give these a try and make your holiday a whole lot less stressful and add a do-ahead yeast roll to your menu!
You'll find the recipe on this pdf file: