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Friday, December 5, 2008

Profitable labor

According to many working people, today and every Friday is TGIF (thank goodness it’s Friday!). Wednesday is “hump” day – the middle of the work week and moving closer to the weekend. Any holiday is exalted beyond measure; who cares if it’s just “Celebrate the possum day”, as long as it relieves a person from going to work! Too many people are lazy, slothful and wasteful with their time whether it’s working at their job or working at home.

Why do we work and what should be our attitude towards work? You know that it all began after Adam and Eve sinned in the garden. God put Adam to weeding and tending the garden by the “sweat of his brow.” (Genesis 3:19) This gives the idea that there’s some exertion of energy in work. I think some people put more energy into coming up with ways not to work than in the labor they are supposed to be doing! Proverbs 14:23 says, “In all labor there is profit; but the talk of lips tendeth only to penury.” In others words, every bit of work is profitable, whether you’re working at home mopping, doing laundry, cooking, cleaning closets or cleaning up the yard. If you go to a job there’s profit in the work you do there. It’s a part of our testimony as a believer to work hard and increase the effectiveness of the business.

The second part of the proverbs says that if we just sit around and talk about work it will lead us to poverty! Do you have work to do today? Can I encourage you to get after it and not just sit and talk about how much you dread it, how much you detest your job, or how anxious you are for the end of the day or the weekend? There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the time you have off, but when you’re supposed to be working, ask God to help you enjoy your job and then give it 100%!

Perhaps we should change the saying from TGIF to TGFMJ (thank God for my job!). The Lord gave us the work to do and if it came from His hand then it’s a good thing!


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