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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Prepare Yourself

Today we stand in front of a closed door with the address “2009” written across its entryway. This is New Year’s Eve. The word “eve” means - the period preceding or leading up to any event or crisis. We have no idea what events are in front of us. As our definition suggests, we have no idea if a crisis stands behind the door waiting for us in the next year. Should that make us retreat in fear? Not if we belong to the God of this universe. We’re all either coming out of a trial, in the midst of one right now, or getting ready to head into one. I’m no prophet, but that is the truth. Because of that, then, we should all be preparing for those times even now.

What do people do when they know that a physical storm like a blizzard is coming? They stock up. Milk, bread, and water are purchased. Blankets and firewood are made ready. Lanterns are filled in case of a power outage. In much the same way, this is how we can prepare ourselves for 2009 and the trials it may bring. We need to store away Truth. It’s not enough to hear the Word being preached, though that is good. We need to buy it up for ourselves. Study and memorize God’s Word. Learn about the character of God as you read passages of Scripture. God cannot deviate from Who He is. If you know what His character is like you’ll respond in the right way when the trial comes.
Think ahead for a moment and ask yourself this question: How would I want to see myself responding to a difficulty? Would you want to see a video tape of yourself falling apart, lashing out at God, doubting His love for you, or running away from Him in the midst of a trial? I doubt any of us would. It’s essential, then, that we prepare now for the storm. This new year will also be filled with many blessings, I’m sure, but we definitely know how to receive those! Gather up the essential items now: faith, Truth, and an intimate relationship with Christ and you’ll be ready for what comes in 2009.

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